When Your Summer Is All Work and No Play

July 21st, 2017 at 2:00am
When Your Summer Is All Work and No Play

Happy summer, well at least I hope you are having a happy summer. Summer is supposed to be a season of travel, happiness, and growth. However, if you are anything like me, summer can be a hard season to conquer. All one sees on social media are girls living lavish lives indulging in the fashion industry.

Unfortunately, most of us out there do not get these opportunities and only get to live vicariously through the photos we gawk over on Instagram. Today as you read what I have to share and if you can relate to what I have to say, I hope you find encouragement in the fact that you are not alone.

“Though she be but little, she is fierce” is a quote by the one and only Shakespeare that brings me encouragement daily through my favorite little pillow. Even though you may think you are little and weak compared to what is going in the world around you, you are actually the strong and fierce one being humble and goal-oriented in your hard work and dedication. Whenever I see these pictures on social media of girls studying abroad in London or interning in New York City, I automatically think to myself, “since I’m not doing this I must not be good enough” and I begin my pity party.

But you know what girls, an ode to all of us who are stuck at home working full-time jobs and taking classes all summer, we are gaining some of the most important qualities that companies look for in their future employees. Hard working, multitasking, and humbleness are all amazing qualities you gain while you have to sit in the background and work hard to pay for rent and college degrees.

As you work those long eight-hour days, write down these amazing characteristics you are gaining. Keep a journal by your bed so whenever you see a picture of a picnic in Central Park by a girl interning in the Big Apple, you can write down all the traits you are gaining by staying at home and working through the sweaty days of the season. Write down what you are doing every day and how that will further you in the long run.

In the downtime, when you are on social media wishing that your life would be filled with adventure and travel, read the positive notes you have about yourself as an encouragement to keep going and working hard. If you are in the same stage of life as me this summer, please be encouraged by what I have shared and know you are not the only one living the simple life.  All work and no play are okay for now because your future oyster contains a pearl!

Do you feel the same way about the season of summer? If so, share in the comments what you are doing this summer whether it be working a part time job or taking classes on campus!