STYLE GURU STYLE: Winter in Spring

April 18th, 2017 at 2:00am

Spring break has come and gone and it’s almost that time of year to break out those summer dresses and sandals. Me, being the crazy Californian, decided to travel to a much colder location for the break, Seattle. While most people were spending their break laying on beaches getting their summer tan on, I was getting rained on while hiking through snow. I’m a cold weather kind of girl for two reasons: one, the fashion and two, the ability to bundle up.

My attire for spring break in Seattle consisted of coats, scarves, and lots of layering. Since it was not my typical attire in sunny, San Diego, I went all out. I spent most days outdoors, so layers and two pairs of socks were necessary. For one of the days, we decided to spend time in downtown. I decided to go for a casual, comfy look to walk around in. Starting with a pair of black jeans as a base, I threw on my favorite oversize turtleneck sweater (with two shirts underneath for warmth). For shoes, I went with the classic pair of white kicks. To keep extra warm, I threw on this mustard coat with a hood to hide from the rain.

I like carrying a backpack around especially when I’m traveling for the purposes of keeping everything safe and also because there’s so much more space. I chose my black backpack with zippered details that can be worn as a shoulder bag and backpack.

I love to bundle up and cold weather gives you that option to dress comfy yet stylish. Maybe next spring break I’ll go some place warmer. Wait, I’m graduating in May. Okay, so maybe in the summer!