7 NYC-Inspired Spring Break Items You Need For Your Next City Trip

If you are heading to NYC for spring break, you have probably already started packing to get ready to live your Gossip Girl dreams. Dressing for New York in March can be challenging since the month is a mix of winter and spring. If you aren’t sure what to pack remember that layering is key since afternoons get warm while mornings and evenings can be chilly. NYC’s aesthetic is a mix of modern luxury with leather, and neutrals & black, perfect for the cement and steel background of the sidewalks and skyscrapers. And of course, NYC is a mix of cultures and opinions, so if you want to wear pink cowboy boots — go for it! NYC is the perfect place for you to express yourself.

Remember, the guide to dressing for NYC is based on incorporating your personality and adding chicness to workwear and casual pieces like jeans. Below are a few pieces that are a must-add to your luggage for trips to NYC if you’re still scouring the internet for looks.

Image via Nasty Gal

A Leather Blazer

Spring in New York can come with some super confusing weather. With a forecast made up of both snow and sunshine, dressing can be super difficult. A leather blazer (Nasty Gal, $22) is the perfect layering piece that adds the modern attitude of New Yorkers with the professionalism the city is known for. Plus this one is on sale!

Image via Coverse

Sensible Shoes with Style

While there is nothing wrong with being a tourist in the city, one tell tale sign is always the shoes. So, if you want to be comfy, while also trendy, try a pair of sneakers like high top Chucks (Converse, $75). You need to be ready for lots of walking, so this is a perfect moment for your go to sneaker.

Image via Abercrombie & Fitch

A Pair of Trousers

Is anyone else still obsessed with trousers for daily wear? Same. These pants (Abercrombie & Fitch, $90) are sure to keep you warm and add a bit of “career chic” to your NYC ‘fits.

Image via New York or Nowhere

A Tote Bag

Don’t bother with the tourist trap shops with “I <3 NY” stuff, unless you are super committed to the campiness of the classic shirt. Instead, support a NYC-based business before your trip and use your new NYC tote (NYON, $45) for the whole trip.

Image via Zara

A Classic Pair of Jeans

For early spring trips to NYC, I always avoid ripped jeans because it can still get pretty chilly and windy around the city. Style a classic pair of jeans (Zara, $50) with a cozy sweater and a leather jacket for the perfect NYC outfit.

Image via Amazon

A Scarf

Bringing a scarf (Amazon, $20) to NYC in mid-March is a must. Add some color to your otherwise neutral look and get some added warmth, too.

Image via Urban Outfitters

A Baseball Cap

Root for the home team with a Yankees cap in your favorite color. Plus, it adds some New York authenticity to your outfit.