It is hard for me to define my style because I have such an eclectic way of dressing. I feel like I have many different approaches to my personality, and my clothing reflects that. Some days I look like a complete girly girl with flowy pieces and floral prints, and other days I look like I just came from a rock concert. My “looks” are endless; in fact, when people compliment my style, one thing they always point out is my versatility. However, I always like to dress in a way that makes me stand out and I love putting different pieces together to create something uniquely my own.

One thing you will rarely catch me without is my jewelry. I’m always adorned with multiple rings and bracelets, and I don’t feel like any outfit is complete without them. I picked up many of my rings and bracelets over the years at antique shops and small boutiques, which makes them possess that special one-of-a-kind look. While fishnets have become a trend again, they have always been a part of my wardrobe. I paired them with my ripped boyfriend jeans, which I probably wear more than anything else in my closet. I am also wearing a colorful crochet halter top from an Australian brand called Rat and Boa, adding a plain white crop top over it to give a mix-and-match look to the outfit. Since I love to mix different styles and pieces together, I also wore some cute ruffle socks to contrast the sultry look of the fishnets. Finally, another staple piece of my wardrobe are my Timberland boots.

My hair is naturally wavy, but there was enough going on in this outfit so I decided to straighten it. I used a hair serum to keep it smooth, then I topped the look off with a bold lip. Even if I am wearing barely any other makeup, lipstick is something I never go without.

Although there are many different looks I could use to showcase my style, this outfit highlights some of my favorite staple pieces and shows off my wild-child spirit.