STYLE GURU STYLE: Weird Weather Wardrobe

STYLE GURU STYLE: Weird Weather Wardrobe

It’s been a weird weather week in upstate New York, which is why I was able to shoot such a fall inspired outfit in the middle of January. While still on break from school, I decided to do my first article on myself and one of my favorite outfits I like to wear on a night out to dinner or hanging out with some friends that was perfect for the 55 degree weather we had this past week. This outfit shows my personal sense of style perfectly.

I like buying more basic pieces that make it simple to layer and add accents to. This stone washed gray T-shirt dress makes this so easy to do while adding an edge to the look. Comfortable, classic and so cute—you can never go wrong with a T-shirt dress.

Adding pieces like an oversized denim jacket, thigh high boots, and a choker is the perfect way to give this look life. The best part about all these pieces is that they are all timeless, affordable, and so comfortable.

My favorite part of the outfit would definitely have to be the thigh high boots. They have been my go-to this past fall and winter for any outfit, whether it be super dressy or more on the casual side. It allows for your summer T-shirt dresses, rompers and any other kind of dress more appropriate for the winter time if you’re in a colder climate while staying stylish and trendy.

I hope this look gives you all some sort of inspiration and with the new year just beginning, I hope this pushes you to try something new or out of your regular comfort zone!