STYLE GURU STYLE: Vintage Daydreams

Vintage style has always sparked my interest when considering my personal fashion taste. I am especially intrigued by the effortless fashion of the ‘70s and ‘80s. People seemed to dress with a boyish rugged look that still could give off a cool girl vibe. Looking through pictures of women from these decades makes me want to pull off their subtle rock ‘n’ roll style, with adding some modern elements and creating similar outfits of my own. More popular in the ‘70s was denim and graphic T-shirts, which was exactly what I incorporated into my contemporary vintage look.

My main goal for this outfit was to remain true to the ‘70s style while adding some pieces that are trendy in today’s fashion scene. The essence of my old school look is an American-themed tank top. The distressed logo and acid-washed material of the shirt make up a piece that could have been pulled straight off the back of an American concert goer or rebel teen some 40 years ago. Despite its obvious vintage appeal, this shirt is from T.J. Maxx, believe it or not!

The deal with stylish looks from the ‘70s and ‘80s is that they can be found in popular stores today because this type of clothing has recently made a comeback and continues to be relevant in 2017. Distressed logo T-shirts can be seen on many young celebrities like Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid. To locate the perfect graphic band T-shirt, I head to my nearest thrift shop. Thrift stores are the ultimate spot to finding anything vintage; most likely, you’ll find a piece from the actual decade you are aiming to capture in your look.

With my look, I continued with the ‘70s theme by layering a denim jacket over the light top, another focal point of ‘70s fashion.  For a modern twist on the outfit, I switched out ’70s bell-bottoms for black ripped skinny jeans. Also, I decided to spice up the look with leopard slip on sneakers. The patterned shoe helps pertain to current fashion and adds a fun and expressive element that completes the overall look.