STYLE GURU STYLE: Turtleneck Season

November 22nd, 2016 at 2:10am

If you asked me how I dressed for fall any other year, I would tell you that I am the queen of blanket scarves, oversized sweaters (and by sweaters I mean hoodies) and leggings. As easy it is for me to toss on my leggings, a sweater I can swim in and some slip-on tennis shoes, I am really focusing on building a wardrobe that contains more staple pieces and getting comfortable with dressing outside of my comfort zone. With graduation coming right around the corner I need some looks that can transition from a nine-to-five to a night out on the town. I know what you’re thinking: “denim mini skirt… over-the-knee boots… staple pieces???” I know, it’s crazy. But I’ve utilized these pieces almost all year long now.

I absolutely love turtlenecks. I think they are chic, classy and timeless. This solid black turtleneck is something that I’ve had for years and I can pair it with pretty much anything and feel sassy. Pairing it with a high-waisted denim skirt is ultimately my favorite look. The waistline on the skirt highlights the waist and compliments the fitted top to give a nice hourglass silhouette… and it looks super ’90s and who doesn’t love that?

But can we talk about this over-the-knee boot trend. When I first discovered my insane need for over-the-knee boots I went on a three hour long hunt for them when in reality I only had one outfit in mind to wear them with. I had no idea then the kind of impact these boots would have on my fall fashion. These boots are a perfect way to spice up any outfit and finalize the look. Invest—you won’t regret it.

So, I am challenging the rest of you Fashionistas/os to slide outside of your fashion comfort zone no matter the season! End this year and start the new year making a statement.