April 3rd, 2015 at 2:00am

Recently, I’ve become infatuated with tomboy style. I love clothing that fits loosely while still looking chic and put together. rag & bone’s spring 2015 ready-to-wear collection embodies everything I’ve been looking for in my ensembles. rag & bone personifies minimalism and masculinity, but still incorporates femininity with accessories and rich fabrics. In the spring 2015 collection, rag & bone uses a neutral color pallet: black, white, indigo, etc. Using a basic color pallete can make a collection look somewhat boring, but this collection was far from that. The plunging necklines and luxurious fabrics made this collection what it is. Also, because the styling was so minimal, it gave rag & bone a chance to showcase their jewelry collection, which gives their accessories a chance to flourish.

rag & bone has been built on minimalism, which has taken off in the past five years. It is hard to stand out when your whole closet is filled with minimalistic tomboy pieces, but you manage to acquire several components that can amplify your look. In my outfit, I tried to mimic rag & bone’s concept of minimal styling, while utilizing accessories and an Ariana Grande mini ponytail. Madewell plaid is my weakness, especially when heading to classes. It’s minimal and can be styled in a variety of ways. Also, my go-to Madewell leather leggings are my “live in” piece. I wear them multiple times a week, but don’t call the fashion police for a repeat offender.

I admit to another fashion faux pas: wearing my chic black booties way too often. They are comfortable, minimal and go with most of my closet. They also add a touch of femininity to my tomboy style. Lastly, when taking the minimalistic approach to my outfit, I love to dress it up with necklaces. In my look, I stacked three gold necklaces of various lengths. They all are so different in design, but I think that’s what makes them look beautiful together, while complementing my attire.

My apparent Madewell obsession has helped me transform my style to tomboy chic, but I’m still not afraid to step outside of the box with the ‘70s trends coming up this spring. I plan to incorporate my style identity with upcoming trends, but always sticking to my minimalistic guns.

Get My Look: 1. A pair of black leather leggings (you’ll live in them). 2. A dainty strand of gold necklaces. 3. A minimal plaid button-down.