STYLE GURU STYLE: Temporary Tattoos Preferred

In one simple phrase, the Junya Watanabe fall 2015 ready-to-wear collection was stunning. The Watanabe show started off with classic white oxford shirts and black skirts paired with black oxford shoes that were decorated with silver studs. The show then transitioned into more elaborate attire that consisted of extravagant honeycombed and geometric shapes (some of them reminded me of dinosaur scales!). The designer even incorporated some bright red dresses amid the more traditional black and white colors that dominated the outfits. To top off the collection, some of the models were adorned with interesting black tattoo-like writings.

I was especially drawn to the more masculine-inspired Watanabe outfits that were comprised of white button-down shirts, black slacks and, of course, the iconic black oxford shoes. I admired the simplistic nature that this attire presented; even the large scarf-like geometric shape that was worn around the model’s neck did not take away from the simplicity of the look. Overall, after viewing this striking collection, I just had to try this guise out for myself.

For starters, I wore my favorite black, high-waisted jeans instead of dress pants for a more causal vibe, and in order to reference the runway appearance, I rolled the cuffs of the jeans. In replacement of a stiff white oxford shirt, I sported a wispy button-down shirt. The shirt is adorned with palm trees to help give off a fun springtime ambiance. Of course, I couldn’t forget to wear a pair of fabulous oxford shoes to add that masculine edge to the ensemble, because who doesn’t love those classic oxfords?

All in all, the Watanabe collection will continue to inspire my future fashionable outfits, and maybe adding a temporary tattoo to the mix would be preferable as well?

Get My Look: 1. A white, sheer button-down shirt. 2. Black skinny jeans or slacks. 3. Sweet-looking oxfords.