If you’ve ever read The Outsiders you probably remember the quote, “Stay gold, Ponyboy.” It references a Robert Frost poem that proclaims, “Nothing gold can stay.” Now, I hate to get all mushy on you guys, but why not? We are in a bit of a weird place in the world right now and the two quotes are a reminder of that change. Because of that, I’ve been feeling like I need to wear clothes that create some sort of armor from all this… and what better to do that than with gold pants!

I found these pants at Maison Scotch in New York and I thought they were breathtaking. They’re the kind of pants that speak to my soul, because they’re the perfect blend between fun and put together. I always try to look put together no matter what. I don’t even own lounging clothes except for the actual pajamas I sleep in. For some odd reason, I feel more comfortable that way. And that’s really what drives the kind of clothes that I wear. If it looks too slumpy or messy, I won’t put it in my closet.

Okay, back to Maison Scotch. Just when I spotted those pants, I saw the blue and white button-down with the metallic evil eyes stitched on them. For years and years, I’ve worn evil eye jewelry and it’s become a staple in my everyday look. Apparently, it protects you from people who might give you a glare or those that are so happy for you that they jinx you. I then found this sweatshirt with a nice applique to add some layers to the look and my black and white strappy shoes to complement the colors in the applique.

So, between my golden armor pants and my protective shirt, I’m invincible. Come at me world!