STYLE GURU STYLE: Saturday Sun Spells

Lately, the temperatures outside have been alarmingly high. Instead of dwelling on the environmental impacts of climate change, I exploited the beautiful weather by walking as many miles around Philly as my little legs can take. I took an exorbitant amount of photos and broke out my summer wardrobe.

This denim jacket is one of my favorite pieces, and it only cost me $15 at a consignment shop in Brooklyn (not just a great deal, but a great find for a college gal on a budget). A bonus is that it’s a major staple piece, especially for this crazy, unpredictable weather. Sometimes, I leave my apartment and it’s 50 degrees out, then in a mere two hours it’s up to 75.

Not only are layers super in trend, but they are also super functional. This striped bodysuit—far superior to any style of shirt—has a low back, which is great for hot days. It also has an effortless component to chilly morning looks thanks to the addition of the awe-inspiring denim jacket. Add in your favorite pair of skinny jeans, cuffed in correspondence to the temperature, and viola! You have a recipe for fierce, functional fashion.

To really top off this look, it’s time to break out the statement shoes (but when isn’t it the right time for that?). Personally, I have a substantial bias towards all things shiny, glittery, and metallic. Therefore, anytime I invest in a statement piece (or, I guess, any type of clothing), that’s intrinsically the direction I lean. These shoes are my latest obsession due to their sparkly nature and style. They are the perfect pair of springtime heels—low and chunky for comfort, pointy and open-back for sass. Not to mention that the color is astonishingly easy to pair with oodles of outfits.

As you can probably tell, I have really been appreciating and trying to utilize these sporadic bursts of warmth. Spring is on its way, and I am standing with my arms wide open, preparing to give it a fervent embrace.