I’ll be straight with you guys, I hate floral prints and pastels. They both feel played out for spring (pastels for winter though is a different story). Usually my wardrobe mimics the gray scale, only slightly deviating in small details. When I saw Yiqing Yin’s spring 2016 couture collection, I was thrilled to see the new take on spring attire. The silhouettes are the same—flowy, strategically cutout and romantic, but instead of light and bright colors, we see jewel tones, rich in depth and pigment.

Following Yin’s formula, my outfit consists of her collection’s major components (minus the string lights, I still need to figure out how to work those onto my dresses.) Her dresses drape over the body looking effortless but in the details you can see there are cutouts and cinching to give the pieces structure while simultaneously leaving it multi-dimensional. The dress I’m wearing is similar to that idea, with the cutouts in the front and a cascading hemline. Combining that shape with a wine color translates a couture collection into an otherwise ready-to-wear dress.

Not wanting to distract from the dress, I chose to keep my accessories minimal. Instead of a necklace that would have hidden the T-strap on the dress, I went with a statement ring on each hand. I (finally) traded in my signature Sam Edelman boots for black suede lace-up flats and matched them to a structured bucket bag with grommet and chain details.

Get My Look: 1. Strappy maroon maxi dress. 2. Lace-up flats. 3. Statement rings.