STYLE GURU STYLE: Hot for Halters

April 18th, 2016 at 2:06am

Words cannot describe how happy I am that the weather is back to the way it should be again… and by that I mean warm. I live for warm weather and the way it changes everyone’s attitudes. The sunshine, walks in the park, dinners on the patio, the smell of sunscreen and all of the elements that scream summer are calling my name. Not only is enjoying the weather enough, but now I can enjoy wearing my summer wardrobe.

The look I have on here is so trendy right now. Especially with festival season coming up, we are seeing summer outfit inspiration everywhere. From the jewelry, to the shoes, to even the hair styles, free-spirited and embellished are definitely popular themes. Here I took a simple high-waisted denim skirt that has been in my closet since high school (because does a denim skirt ever really go out of style?) with a simple, black halter top and a basic, tan sandal. These pieces are so simple yet are always trendy. Halter tops are something that was out for so long but is finally coming back around. To add to the festival style, I wore a rusty gold choker and a gold arm band for fun. I am loving the choker trend again and paired with the denim and halter top, it is such a ’90s comeback look.

I got a lot of this inspiration from the Chloé 2016 spring ready-to-wear line. It incorporates a lot of denim and plunging necklines in this collection which was the backbone of inspiration for the skirt and black top. A lot of her other pieces in this collection are fun and whimsical with light and loose fabrics and this is one reason why I styled my hair in a loose and light ponytail. Not only does it match the theme, but its easy and perfect for summer weather and festival fun.

Get My Look: 1. Denim skirt. 2. Halter top. 3. Tan sandal.