You may remember the days when “mom jeans” were all the rage and Saved By The Bell was where you got your fashion inspiration. Well, newsflash world, the high-waisted trouser is back with a vengeance this spring and taking over shopping malls and boutiques everywhere. Unlike their “mom jean” counterpart, the main trends I’ve seen in the high-waisted department are either the less risky skinny jean or a throwback ’70s flare jean. Not to be confused with a fading trend reserved for only the most hipster among us, this is the real deal and a look that is here to stay. High-waisted trousers were spotted strutting up and down the Spring 2015 runway from Alexander Wang to Christian Dior’s spring 2015 ready-to-wear collection.

The high-waisted trouser look has been a long time coming. From acid-washed high-waisted denim shorts to vintage-inspired high-waisted bikini bottoms, our trends and comfort zones have evolved, making styling bottoms above the belly button catch on like wildfire. Don’t be intimidated by the elongated zipper on those jeans, because with that comes a longer and leaner look. When it comes to styling a pair of high-waisted pants, you can go as simple or as bold as you want. From crop tops and T-shirts to tank tops and button-downs, you can truly do no wrong.

I was a little cautious when trying out this look for the first time. As a beginner when it comes to the high-rise trouser trend, I went with a loose striped top, which I tucked into the front of my jeans. This way, I only slightly revealed the high nature of my pants, playing it safe and taking a little edge off this up and coming craze. If there is anything I learned, it’s that it’s time to fold up those low-rise jeans and banish them to the bottom of the dresser drawer, because high-rise is on the rise.

Get My Look: 1. A pair of high-waisted denim. 2. A classic striped T-shirt. 3. A pair of statement shoes.