September 20th, 2016 at 2:00am

Fall is a time of year when I love to add some edge to my daily wardrobe. While I love the summer season and its bright colors, by the time September comes around, I am ready to break out my darker and edgier clothing.

If you want to make your look a little more edgy, the first thing you have to do is invest in a pair of good black combat boots. Lucky for you guys, combat boots are definitely a hot trend for the fall, so you can find a pair at almost any retailer. It’s up to you to decide how much you want to spend; however, my philosophy has always been to save up for a nice pair, because they can last you for years.

The next way, and in my opinion the easiest way, to add some edge is to purchase some black denim. They instantly add some sass, and let’s be honest, who doesn’t look good in black jeans? During the fall and winter seasons, my black denim gets more than its fair share of wear. Early in the season, when it’s warmer, I like to pair them with dark colored tank tops, like I did in this outfit. Then when the air turns crisp and cold, I break out the slouchy sweaters and printed tunics to wear as layers over my jeans.

Another simple thing you can do is to accessorize your look with dark pieces of jewelry. For this outfit, I was inspired by the new fall trend of layering chokers and necklaces together, which is a great way to fill up space on your chest and de-emphasize a low neckline. I layered a dark wrap choker necklace with a black Kendra Scott pendant necklace, and to top it off, I wore my Sheila Fajl gunmetal hoops and an old black, studded cuff bracelet.

The last personal touch that I add to make my look more edgy, is to break out the dark makeup. Choose whatever mascara and eyeliner you wish, but when it comes to shadow you can’t beat Urban Decay’s blackout eyeshadow. Their eyeshadow products are always hyper-pigmented, which allows you to use less, making the product last longer. Also, all of the makeup in their line is vegan, which is always a plus! This last detail may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but over the years, it has become a signature detail of my go-to “edgy look.”