Nearing the end of summer, all I can think about is breaking out my flannels, and the only way else I knew how to incorporate them into my outfit was in this thrifted plaid frock. Incorporating more of a grunge, soft edge punk feel into my style I’m able to spice it up a bit by contrasting the dark accessories with light frilly socks. Less is not always more, and adding more items into a look can really help to boost the aesthetic to give you a change in your outfits.

The style from Alice In Wonderland has always been an inspiration for me, the use of monochromatic coloring while also mixing in bright reds is a great way to go about making a stand out outfit. Color can really say a lot about a person; red is a power color, an easy way of boosting confidence. By wearing the choker, it gives the look a delicate but slightly dark look, giving a throwback to chokers from Victorian, fancy ages. The small detail of the bow adds to the essence of lightness due to the frills, and it plays on the cutesy side of fashion.

Adding the black ballerina flats give dimension to the look, making it more girly and wearable. The outfit could really be with or without the socks, it all just depends on what kind of vibe you’re going for.

At lastly, red lipstick, its a bold fashion and beauty choice, pair it with a matching lip liner within the same shade range. You could even line it in a highlighting concealer to make your lips really pop!