STYLE GURU STYLE: Different Denim

Every year, denim tends to make up a large section in many people’s wardrobes. Whether it’s jeans, denim jackets, jean shorts, or denim skirts, everyone owns denim clothing. The problem with everyone owning this material is that it can make it hard to stand out while wearing simple denim clothing.

My favorite way to break out from simple denim this season is adding patches to jeans. You can either buy easy iron-on patches to attach to your favorite pair of jeans you already own or purchase jeans with patches already sewn onto the denim. The pair of jeans I’m seen wearing I bought with the patches already sewn on.

The thing I love about the patches on these jeans are that they don’t take up an entire pant leg, they are subtle patches along the top of the jeans. This allows for the jeans to incorporate and let other trends stand out. This jean has a slight boyfriend fit to it, along with rips throughout each pant leg. The distressed boyfriend jean trend started to appear a couple years ago and I still love it. This year another trend within denim emerged: unfinished edges. The bottom of these jeans are unfinished and allows the jean to look even more distressed and different.

I paired these jeans with a simple black bomber jacket to let all of the details of the jeans stand out even more. Underneath my black bomber jacket, I wore a light blue-green tank top. Since these jeans are slightly cropped, I decided to wear black booties that hit higher on my ankle, minimizing the skin exposed. These jeans are more of a casual look, no matter how much you try to dress them up or down with a top or shoes. I would wear these jeans to class, lunch, or a day out shopping.