STYLE GURU STYLE: Denim on Denim

With spring finally upon us, it’s time to trade in the boots, the blanket scarf, and the heavy jacket and wear something that is sure to say we’re alive and we’ve survived the winter. It’s the perfect time to try out some new styles, take a few risks, and refresh. Although, that is slightly easier said than done. If you’re anything like me, you find it hard to transition to a new season, especially spring. You’ve gotten used to wearing oversize sweaters and bundling up. Not to mention, you’ve slowly edited out all color from your wardrobe and all that remain are neutrals. While adding in brighter colors at this point might be a stretch, transitioning from a dark wash denim to a lighter wash is fairly realistic. And so, we arrive at this look: denim on denim.

It’s pretty simple, actually. With just a pair of jeans and a distressed denim jacket, you already have the foundation for a casual spring look. Be sure to play around with the washes of the denim and look for variations between the two. Paired together, the slight differences add contrast and keep the look from becoming denim overkill. And don’t forget to try out denim that has some distressing. It creates a more casual look but adds interest.

With the denim being the focal point of this outfit, I kept the rest of the look simple. I paired my jacket and jeans with a white textured blouse and a pair of black, lace-up flats. Both pieces work to break up the denim without fighting it; not to mention, they lighten up the look for spring—no bright colors necessary. While color and spring are synonymous with one another, and naturally some color will sneak its way back into my wardrobe, this denim on denim pairing works as a casual transition look perfect for right now.

It isn’t a look I would normally go for. In fact, it is slightly out of my comfort zone, but spring is here and inspiration struck. Others around campus are trying this laid back look out, mixing and matching denim, and creating refreshed outfits for spring. Take note, do away with your winter styling habits, and don’t be afraid to try out your own version of this pairing.