December 2nd, 2016 at 2:05am

So, who knew I could go through my mom’s old clothing and find the ideal jean jacket for this fall and upcoming winter? Seriously, highly recommend finding hidden gems from the ’80s like I did with my mom’s old women’s Carhartt classic. Straight from her 20s to mine, it’s perfect.

But, not only is this jacket perfect hand-me-down from my mom, it is also so useful. It is warm, bulky and the perfect wash of denim. It’s paired wonderfully with a flannel or a zip up underneath for a classic on the go look. Layers have always been a common trend. Will the evolving layered look ever go away? Probably not. So, it is always good to stock up your closet with pieces like this jean jacket.

In this outfit I went for a quick and classic look, pairing my mother’s jean jacket with my new favorite black and white flannel from Target. I also added a simple black long sleeve to finish the layered look. Very warm and of course, very trendy. I threw on a pair of black jeans and my roughed up black leather boots. To top off this dark, edgy and classic look I added a black choker and some dark lipstick. The best part about this look is you can make it your own. I love it because it incorporates all my favorite pieces and styles and like I said, it is so versatile.

Go hunting for that perfect ’80s denim! Whether it’s from your mom’s closet, or your local thrift store, it is creative, vintage and you can add some great pieces to your closet this season!