STYLE GURU STYLE: Denim Isn't A Statement Piece, Right?

At only 20, I have seen some bad fashion trends come and go. There were gauchos in middle school I often thought paired well with knit leggings and skater shoes I fumbled with, quite literally, in junior high. At the time I was sure that this was the pinnacle of my fashion abilities. That was until a new trend would sweep across the pages of my favorite magazines and completely turn my fashion world on its head. However, all of those years of cringe-worthy outfit choices will go down in vain because they did show me that certain pieces are built to stand the test of time, in particular, denim.

Jeans lead to jackets, which lead to shirts, you know the gist. Now as a seasoned (not without flaws) Fashionista, I try to find denim pieces that are more outside of the box and outside my comfort zone. This denim jumpsuit with a halter neck and wide legs is currently my favorite denim item in my closet that just so happens to also be a statement piece. When styling a statement piece, it is important to think what you want to highlight in particular. It could be the pattern or the movement. The shape and stitching on this jumper are what I wanted to highlight so I knew I wanted to let it speak for itself. I did this by keeping my jewelry and makeup simple and wearing my hair pulled back so that it wouldn’t get in the way of the neckline.

Adding some color and texture to a monochromatic piece like this cannot be forgotten either. I went with a beaded dangling earrings and a winged eye to add some shape and color to the ensemble. For the rest of my jewelry, I stuck with gold to match up with my earrings. I added a wrap bracelet and chunky quartz bangle by stacking them together to add some texture one last time. This jumper had a wide leg that is such a statement that needed to be paired with heeled shoes to give it the credit it deserves. To counterbalance this, I added my favorite distressed booties to finish off this outfit. I adore this outfit because it can evolve and pieces can be added to fit any situation at hand. Long story short, learn to love denim. It’s here to stay.