One of my favorite things about winter is that I get to wear some of my favorite jackets and coats which can vary from nude to black. What’s great about a nude, long leather coat is that it goes with anything, and it can accompany many different styles, whether it be a casual look or business professional. It brings a clean, sharp, adult look to the outfit. Coming from someone that was born in Europe, this style is very much popular and fashionable among the women there, which is why I love European fashion. Even though it is not considered to be a super warm coat for a harsh winter, it still brings a comfort and a sophisticated look to the table.

The theme of this outfit was a combination of mysterious, dark and edgy, yet chic look. Not very often do you see that cheetah patterned, high waited pants are paired with a white dress shirt. Coming from someone who is too obsessed with cheetah, I could not resist but pair them up together. To spice up this casual look and make it more into edgy, I added my favorite over-the-knee, black leather boots from Calvin Klein. I have been wearing them so much that I might as well just sleep in them. They really bring out the best in me, and cannot tell you how good they make me feel while wearing them.

To wrap up the look, I threw on my long, black scarf from Ralph Lauren. It complements this look because it adds on to the black, leather over-the-knee boots. I think that even though it is not a must, a scarf always makes a look much more complete. I styled my middle parted hair in a sleek ponytail, to make the entire look appear clean and to the point. Besides, in windy weather, it is truly a hassle having to fix up your hair when it is loose and flying everywhere. I also always carry my Hugo Boss sunglasses, because I think that they can go with any look, and what I love most about them is that they fit well with the size of my face, compared to other sunglasses.

Last but not the least, I carried with me this white and black woven canvas eco tote with the graphic “Crazy Cat Lady” on it, from Forever21. As someone who adores cats, I cannot deny my love for anything that has cats or something to do with them written on it. I think that it goes well with this look, as it embodies black colors. It supports my personal inner cat spirit, and also the cheetah pants, hence they are both part of the cat family. I wonder how long it will be before I buy my next item that has to do with cats? After all, I am a crazy cat lady.

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