STYLE GURU STYLE: A Touch of Plaid

STYLE GURU STYLE: A Touch of Plaid

Hello Fashionistas and Fashionistos! The month of October has just flown by. For us college students, this means mid-terms are here. When going on little sleep, many cups of coffee and intense studying, it can be stressful at times to put together the look you envision. We have all stood in front of our closets not knowing what to wear. Putting together outfits in advance can make getting ready stress free and take less time. You can show off your awesome trendsetting style by adding your own unique twist.

I love adding my own twist on fashion trends. For this look I was inspired by the suede trend that is upon us. Suede has appeared everywhere. It’s been one of the top fashion trends of every season for over a year now.

Suede skirts are a staple. Suede pants are fun. Yet my favorite way to nail the trend is to wear a suede dress. I found this belted button-down suede dress, and had to get it! The soft, lightweight fabric falls beautifully, creating a nice silhouette.

I added a checkered plaid black-and-white scarf—a true signature print for fall. Flannels and plaid are my absolute favorite. I often must resist wearing flannels every day for their simplicity and versatility.  I also chose black and white to complement the tones of the knee-high riding boots.

I completed the look with over-the-knee cream socks to accent the neutral beige tones of the dress and knit beanie. Over-the-knee socks and boots are a popular trend and a great way to show off your legs!

My style always dares to try something new. It’s fun to put together outfits so my unique style stands out. Follow trends while adding your own creative style to each and every outfit. Embrace your individuality and uniqueness. You never know where your creativity can take you.