STYLE GURU BIO: Rebecca Lidvan

May 26th, 2015 at 2:00am

My name is Rebecca Lidvan but my close friends call me Mars. I’ve inhaled and exhaled the American dream ever since I was 17 years old. Imaginary or real this idea made me travel 6,000 miles; from Paris, France to the City of Angels.

I have learned firsthand that anything is possible under the California sun; the good and bad, the pretty and ugly.There is a raw desire to live; non-existent anywhere else; fueled by desire, passion and dreams that clings to every street corner, grabbing you as you walk by and never letting you go. L.A. has owned my heart and soul for four years and its grip is strong; Paris never is able to win me back during my yearly trips to visit my family.

Here I act, model and am slowly getting back into singing and writing music. An other one of my passion is fashion-I always found fascinating the fact it is all about appearances which aren’t necessarily true nor real. Whether it is with the right accessory, the right pair of shoes or the right dress; the way you are perceived will be different: and that in my opinion is pure magic and an open door to a lot of fun.