STYLE GURU BIO: Mary Advincula

Hey fashion family! My name is Mary and I am so ecstatic to start this journey as a Style Guru. I’m a third year student at Rutgers University, but this is definitely a first in my journey toward following my own dreams. When I first came to college, I was juggling classes I was barely interested in just to appease the wishes of my parents. However, since the beginning of my junior year, I came to realize that my interests lied somewhere else; I constantly found myself in my happy place whenever I was writing, editing photos or videos, or just planning out outfits I could potentially wear later on.

I decided to take the concepts that ruled my happy place and run with them—hence, why I’m more than glad to have become a Style Guru. Fashion, when thoroughly expressed, gives people a confidence boost, depicts their moods and even their values. One of my favorite things when shopping is spotting a piece and having that light bulb moment in my head knowing that this is what everyone needs in their closet; not because it’s what everyone is wearing, but because it’s what many people have not dared to try themselves.

My style is pretty versatile depending on my mood and even the weather; for the most part, I’m often caught in fits that show love for street style or those that admire girly chic vibes. I love the idea that fashion is a way to express myself because it allows me to be more creative with what I want to wear, rather than throw on a pair of leggings and a simple hoodie and call it a day. I’m usually ready to mix and match different textures to make up for the limited color palette I give myself; not by any boundaries, just by taste. Additionally, I’m a huge fan of DIY, possibilities are endless with a pair of scissors and a hot glue gun!

With that being said, my featured look for my first Style Guru Bio mixes a bit of street style with a hint of girly. I combined a pair of my Adidas Tubular Shadows with some simple black jeans, adding a black crop top to keep the flow of black pieces. To make the black crop top stand out even more, I chose to wear a nude turtleneck underneath, for two reasons: one, it makes people look twice because they think I’m trying to freeze in the winter and two, nude and turtlenecks are definitely staple pieces to have in everyone’s closet right about now. To add a girly touch, I threw on a velvet pink bomber—oversized bombers are all the rage right now, so with the velvet texture, it definitely makes it a piece to remember. Completing the look, I accessorized with a simple pair of sunnies and a rhinestone choker.