STYLE GURU BIO: Mallory Metzner

For the fourth semester in a row, I’m Mallory Metzner. I’m thrilled to be back as a Style Guru for CollegeFashionista! I’m in the middle of my junior year at the University of Delaware, double majoring in mass communications and fashion merchandising.

I hope to combine both of my majors in the job industry someday. My ultimate dream is to eventually have my own fashion talk show. At UD, I am the production director of UDress, the student-run fashion magazine. I get to conduct red carpet-style interviews at its fashion shows. I am also a producer of the Student Television Network’s 49 News show. Growing up, I was shy in school. Most people are surprised to learn that the days I’m in front of the camera are actually my most comfortable.

My on-camera personality stems from my 14 years of performing under pressure as a figure skater. I’m fortunate enough to still be skating in college on the four-time and reigning national champion intercollegiate figure skating team. In fact, this year I was elected to our executive board as Public Relations.

Throughout all of my activities, fashion has always been a consistency. My exploding wardrobe begs me not to shop anymore, so I simply mix and match pieces of clothing to come up with new combinations. This outfit has several staples that perfectly exhibit who I am. I wear the Tommy Hilfiger blazer to anchor school news broadcasts. The red ice skate earrings dangle from my ears because skating is something I’ve always held close to heart. I have two rings that I wear daily. One is my class ring and one is from Salamanca, Spain where I studied abroad. It symbolizes what it means to be Salamantino and for me, it holds memories from the experience of a lifetime.

Being born and raised at the beach in Lewes, Delaware has definitely contributed to the nautical trend I often sport. My Effie Bee bracelet has an anchor charm which means a lot to me. Someday, I know that no matter where the job may take me, my anchor will always be at home in Lewes.

Long necklaces complete any outfit, especially this one from my great-grandmother, who taught me how to walk. Another trend I’ve fallen in love with is bodysuits. My girly aesthetic shines with this white lace one that I paired with a flowy skirt, tights, and lace high socks. Instead of going for a neutral pair of boots, I chose this navy pair with a fascinating red zipper. The navy in the boots goes with the navy in my blazer, which both reflect the color scheme of my aesthetic.

With two majors and multiple interests, I don’t know exactly what I want to do in life yet, but I know that I’m in the upward swing to getting there. I often get asked how I could possibly be involved in so much and still get good grades in school. Time management is key, my Fashionistas.