STYLE GURU BIO: Maddie Magyar

Hello world! My name is Maddie Magyar, and I’m studying fashion merchandising at the always exciting, Kent State University! I could tell you all about myself, but I guess what you mainly need to know is that I’m a huge goofball who’s obsessed with millions of crazy things like babies, Frank Sinatra, vampires, but most importantly, FASHION!

Sometimes I truly think I am the most indecisive person on this side of the Mississippi, so it’s not uncommon to see me dressed like an ‘I only own black clothes’ witch one day, and then be draped in lace the next. But that’s the beauty of fashion, you get to decide exactly who you want to be each and every morning. If you want to channel your inner dark side one day, GIRL DO YOU! And if you want to be a boho babe the next, that’s perfectly cool too! Either way, you’re still going to look rad and that’s all that matters!

For this easy summer look, I decided to go retro and break in a pair of high-waisted military dark blue bell bottoms. I have to say my favorite thing about these pants are that they’re originally from Express, but I purchased them from Gabriel Brothers for less than half the price (hashtag balling on a budget)! Pairing these pants with a simple, white ribbed halter crop top from Forever 21 keeps the outfit casual, but still classy enough for a fun dinner date downtown! Since I’m only 5’2” my favorite way to wear bell bottoms are with a super cute wedge or suede heel like the ones here. These heels look exactly like a pricier pair of Steve Madden heels that I own, but guess what? These babies were purchased in the clearance section at Target for a whopping $8.99! And of course, we can’t forget about the brown faux leather fringe cross-body! I picked this one up at H&M, and it really brings the whole outfit together with the same pop of brown found in the heels.

I am so pumped to be able to share looks with you this fall and maybe I’ll inspire an outfit for you too! If you want to get updates on all my latest posts or interact with me, go ahead and follow my social media accounts found on my page! I swear I don’t bite!