STYLE GURU BIO: Kianna Lewis

What’s up? It’s your girl Kianna! Ever since I was seven years old I’ve always loved to play dress up. During my early stages of childhood, my cousin and I would play dress up whenever we’d get together. I’d dress us up in my princess dresses I had at the time, wrap boas around our necks, and complement my look with a bright red lipstick (that I took from my grandma’s makeup bag). Then we would pretend we were famous celebrities on the red carpet twirling in our dresses and blowing kisses to our family members. Since I was a very entertaining child growing up my parents decided to enroll me in dance classes and I loved it.

By the age of 13, I was inspired to become a professional dancer. Unfortunately, the negative pressure of doing well in school and going to college after high school added significant stresses on what I thought at the time was important to me. While I was in high school people were telling me that dancers are stereotyped to not make a high amount of income. I was terrified by the thought of this and so I took a break to focus on becoming a nurse. Nurses play a vital role in our country and do earn a decent salary so I thought I’d be happy with it. However, throughout my first year at Everett Community Community College, completing my prerequisites upon entering the nursing program, I had a very difficult time doing succeeding in my classes. My courses were heavy based science and math classes and I dreaded it. Then after my second quarter of my first year, I changed my degree to get my Associates in Arts & Science. Now, I’m happy that I made that decision because I’m an artist. I’m proud to say I graduate in June 2017!

Throughout high school and college, fashion has helped me express myself. Ever since high school I’ve looked up to fashion icons such as Rihanna, Zendaya and Beyonce. I love putting different looks together on myself and other people and I actually got voted for Best Dressed during my senior year. Moving forward I decided that I wanted to become a stylist. Stylists, such as, Ty Huston, Jasmine Benjamin and Law Roach inspire me to be to pursue styling as a career!

For this look I’ve put together an outfit perfect for chilly out in Seattle. I’m wearing a black leather biker jacket with a cozy wool sweater dress with a slit on each side. Underneath the dress I wore a comfortable pair of black leggings. I’ve accessorized this outfit with a pair of Nike white Air Maxes, big hoop earring and black choker.

Being part of the CF Style Guru Team will challenge me to be creative and brand myself to become successful in the fashion world.

But always remember, “Do what you love, love what you do.”