Suitcase Slimming 101—Styling Skirts as Tops for Travel

August 30th, 2017 at 2:00am

Have you ever found yourself really struggling to cram all of your travel necessities into just a carry-on bag? Fashionistas, cram no more. Next time you adventure abroad, take clothing repurposing to a whole new level by wearing your skirts as tops. You will definitely show the world that you are bold, stylish, and creative. Simply pull the waistband of your skirt above your favorite strapless bra. (Depending on the waistband of the skirt, sometimes you may need to fold it under so it does not show). Your new resulting top will perfect for the bare-shoulder trend this season.

In this look, I styled a white pleated skirt with a pair of vintage acid wash skinny jeans. For extra detail, I added a colorful necklace.

Each time I travel, I make sure to bring several tennis skirts with me in various colors. Tennis skirts take up very little room in my suitcase, and I can use them to create a multitude of different looking outfits once I reach my destination. I’ll wear a tennis skirt as a skirt one day, and later on during the trip, I’ll rework the same skirt as a top. Sometimes, I’ll even wear one tennis skirt as a top and one as a skirt to create an interesting, layered dress effect.

So, Fashionistas, planning to wear your skirts as tops is a must when it comes to making room in your suitcase. You know you want lots of extra space in case you have a new shopping haul to bring home! Any a-line skirt you have in your closet, not just a tennis skirt, will make the perfect chic and unique travel outfit.

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  • ElspethSuber

    I totally dig shopping at thrift stores where I find unique pieces I can style in tons of different ways. I hope to inspire others to be creative and build confidence by using fashion!