STYLE GURU BIO: Katlyn Pierre

STYLE GURU BIO: Katlyn Pierre

A bio: a biographical profile of someone. A story that encompasses the events and principles that shaped a person into who they are. So who is Katlyn Pierre? Who am I?

I’m the typical millennial. I have an affinity for beauty, fashion and public relations. See—the typical millennial, am I right? Just like the typical millennial, a fair share of my paychecks have gone to Sephora and clothing shops to fuel my addictions.  When I’m not spending countless hours learning about the hottest beauty trends from the queens of YouTube, you can find me frantically bouncing from internship to internship.

As a senior graduating in December, I’ve proud to say that I have finally honed in what I would like to do in life, which led me to become a Style Guru for CollegeFashionista. I know I will be in the beauty field, updating my fellow beauty-addicts on the hottest trends and I knew CollegeFashionista would be the best way for me to begin my writing and blogging career. I needed an outlet to let off some creativity during this crazy and stress-filled time that I call my last semester and becoming a Style Guru was the best thing to do so.

As we begin the school year, I knew I wanted to put my best foot forward, so I opted to go for an outfit that made me look like the young professional that I wish to become. I wanted something that embodied who I was while being able to be appropriate for the various events I had lined up for the day.

If anyone were to ask me to describe my style, I would have to say it’s just like me – eclectic. If someone were to look through my closet they’d see everything from boho-chic to sporty. It doesn’t cater to one specific look or trend. I take pieces from varying styles to create my own. That’s the genius of fashion. There’s not one look for everyone. You must find different pieces and put them together to ultimately form your personal style.