STYLE GURU BIO: Fun with Flowers

Hey guys! I’m Zoe currently a freshman studying Fashion Merchandising at Ball State University.  Although I seem to be one of the younger members in this program, I’m so excited to start my first semester (hopefully of many) as a Style Guru. I’ve always been a lover of fashion and clothing since I sat on the counter to watch my mom get ready for her retail job. I love the artistic potential fashion allows for anyone, no matter who they are and appreciate the individuality and uniqueness it tosses into the picture from each person. I also appreciate fashion as one of the greatest ways of self and artistic expression because its so in your face! Anyone can wear pretty much anything and have everyone that sees them be shown something about themselves.

Now my fellow shoppers, we’ve all seen it. The obnoxious girl who weaves through the entire store with an absurd amount of hangers tangled on her arm. Well, I hate to break it to you, but I’m guilty of being one of those girls. If nothing else, I hope to show you all what a girl like that makes of hanger bruises and marks. I also hope to show everyone what an incredible statement what you wear makes about yourself and give people confidence to project their own personality through their personal style!