STYLE GURU BIO: Elisa Lewittes

Hey, fellow Fashionistas! My name is Elisa, and I’m about to start my freshman year in the Gallatin school at New York University , where I will be studying fashion journalism, communications and business (we get to create our own individualized “concentrations,” which are in lieu of majors). This is my first semester with CollegeFashionista, and I’m so excited to see what opportunities and experiences will arise!

As a native New Yorker, my personal style has always been a very significant part of my self-expression and something that I’ve always been very conscious of. I’ve had the pleasure of growing up in one of the most fashion-forward cities in the world and always knew that I wanted to work in the fashion industry. I’m so grateful for the experiences I’ve had in this industry thus far, such as helping out at several New York Fashion Week shows and now being a Style Guru! But really, the city streets are informal catwalks, and being able to showcase these looks on CollegeFashionista is going to be such a great way to take in all of the eclectic street-style I pass by every day.

My style could just be described in one word: black. My daily outfits epitomize the classic New Yorker head-to-toe black look that Anna Wintour famously will never wear (even through this past, brutally hot summer we had here in the concrete jungle). My personal style tends to switch off between the minimalist and the edgy aesthetic, but a lot of the time I like to integrate the two. Some of the trends I’ve been obsessed with lately are capes, chokers, sock boots (all shown here), bomber jackets, duster coats and soft-tailored matching sets (not shown here, but will mostly likely be featured in upcoming posts).

Going to New York University, I know I will be even more inspired sartorially than ever before. Situated in the heart of downtown Manhattan, it’s no surprise that NYU is such a stylish campus—no collegial sweatpants here. Around here, wearing fashion-forward, yet unique, outfits to class is a way of showing school spirit! The fact that I can integrate fashion into my other studies here shows how seriously NYU takes style. I love being in a place where I can be so free with both my education and my ensembles.

This semester is the start of so many new beginnings for me, and I can’t wait to document all of my chic college findings as a Style Guru! Looking forward to having a #RAD semester!