STYLE GURU BIO: Demetrius Fair

A man who wears many hats: son, designer, stylist, editor with a passion for all things fashion. Take a ride with me as I blog some of my school’s most stylish individual’s.

Demetrio knew he loved fashion at a very early age as a child he would stay inside draping left over fabric on his mother’s dress form while the other boys played football outside. Fashion gave him and his mother a way to bound.  It was inspiring growing up watching project runway with her and being amazed on how they could create such remarkable garments in so little time. He would transport myself to their sketching room with crayons in hand and his imagination in tow.  As he grew older the passion and drive for fashion developed exponentially. Every aspect of his life was influenced by his love for fashion. He became aware of different dressing styles and experimented frequently with new clothing combinations. Growing up in a small town there really wasn’t much for him to do but dress up and play make believe. As a child dressing up allowed him away to escape his reality. Demetrio Fair is a Fashion Merchandising Major from Johnson and Wales University {Miami}. His past jobs include: Bloomingdales {Designer Handbags/Mens Furnishings}, Nordstrom {Womens Accessories}, Tory Burch {Sales Lead}.  Demetrio wants to inspire kids with his story to never give on your dreams.

In his spare time, Demetrio enjoys reading style blogs, designing and creating mock ad campaigns for major brands. He loves the feeling of learning and pizza are his weakness.