STYLE GURU BIO: Danielle Ackerman

Hello everyone! I can’t believe I am writing my third Style Guru Bio for CollegeFashionista. Since my last Bio that I wrote, so many exciting things in my life have happened. I studied abroad in London and traveled throughout five different countries. When I returned to the States, I commuted to Manhattan and interned in a showroom in the heart of the Garment District.

As you can tell, over the last four months I have been nonstop on the go. But it was by far  some of the most rewarding months I’ve ever had. Traveling to foreign countries where I didn’t understand the languages was nerve-wracking to say the least! But I realized if you paid attention to common phrases from the locals and learned how to greet, you can get anywhere and people will be more willing and likely to help you.

As for my internship, I don’t think I could have applied anywhere better. Interning in a showroom exposed me to the inner workings of not just one but multiple brands. Yes, I steamed a lot of clothes and made sure that the refrigerator was stocked. But I also directly assisted the merchandisers, worked with collections for next years seasons, visited the headquarters of these brands and attended a trade show. I know if it weren’t my positive attitude and willingness to do the smaller (yet important!) things I wouldn’t have been given the amazing opportunities that I had.

As the summer comes to a close, I’m having a hard time transitioning my wardrobe. Yes the thought of sweaters, booties and scarves in the upcoming fall warms my heart, but I’m not ready to give up denim shorts and skirts, slip tanks and bralettes, also known as my summer uniform. Layering bralettes and slip tanks was perfect for everything from my internship to casual lunch dates with friends.

Summer 2016 was one that I will never forget. With all of these new amazing experiences under my belt, I’m looking forward to trying out new things. Who knows where this semester will take me? Stay tuned!