STYLE GURU BIO: Cheyenne Harris

Hey, it’s me! I’m blessed to say that I am back again for the third time as a Style Guru. I am so thankful to have started this internship early on in my college career because it has helped me gain so much writing experience and knowledge within the fashion industry. I’ve never considered myself a photographer but this internship has really helped me step out of my comfort zone and even pick up a new hobby.

My interest in fashion started at a young age and was heavily influenced by my mom. My mom studied fashion merchandising in Miami at International Fine Arts College class of 1983. She always says, “a swipe of lipstick a day keeps the bad moods away.” Even when we are at home for the day, she always has her lipstick on. As a young girl, I would put on my moms heels and she would teach me how to walk in them with class. She also taught me that when my feet hurt from heels to fake it till I make it (home that is).

As Rachel Zoe once said, “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” My outfit choice says a lot about who I am as an individual. My outfit is fun and chill just like me.  Wine has been a popular color this year (are you surprised?) and suede is a ’70s trend that has made a huge comeback. I consider myself a trendy lady which is why the cropped hoodie and hat were a must. The cropped hoodie and mesh leggings are fashionable active wear. The “old school” white socks are slightly scrunched up and were worn strategically to make the white strings on my hoodie pop. Athleisure is a trend that I practically wear on a daily basis. I usually wear clothes that I can work out in later simply by switching my shoes. Timberland boots and big hoops are associated with urban cities. I have grown up listening to hip-hop, R&B, and rap. When I was younger I took dance lessons and competed on a hip hop team. I’m from a small neighborhood but hip-hop culture has heavily influenced my style to have a more urban vibe.

I am eager to see what the new year and new semester brings for me and I cannot wait to have another RAD semester!