STYLE GURU BIO: Amber Bailey

Welcome friends of mine and friends of friends.

Welp, they want me to tell you about myself! So here goes; try not to get too bored!

My name is Amber, a sophomore, Fashion Merchandising student at Kent State University; eager to make her mark in the fashion world. I am Ohio born and raised. Day-to-day you may find me drinking a Chips Ahoy iced coffee from Dunkin’ Donuts, posting about my adorable dog, the bright lip color I might be wearing that day or one of my favorite things to do: watch Netflix with a cozy blanket and friends.

What makes me different than your average girl who might have a shopping addiction you might ask? My choice to pursue a career in fashion was not an easy one. I was constantly battling unsupportive, closed minded outsiders begging the questions: “Is that realistic?” or “What will you do with that?”

My answer: Are you naked right now? More than likely that answer is a no! That is thanks to all the people involved in getting those clothes from the manufacturer to you. I honestly should carry an issue of Vogue around with me everywhere I go, flip to the center pages and show them the two to three pages of careers mentioned and involved in creating that magazine. And hopefully one day, my name will be on those pages.

Expect to be expecting: my mind constantly runs and runs about ideas and looks, and hopefully this semester I am able to portray my personal knowledge of fashion, (that of what I do have), along with the new skills I acquire along the way.

Pursuing this, what may seem “far fetched” dream of mine is going to be a great journey, but I sure will dress well while doing it. Or at least try to. Bear with me, I am a college student.

That is what I will share with you this semester: My journey. The tips and tricks on beauty and style that I may know, as well as the people and places I come across along the way.

So follow beside me, enjoy the ride and expect great things.