19 Amazon Decor Finds For Your New College Space

It’s a fresh semester, which means your college apartment or dorm needs a makeover. As college students, we have a lot to take on every year with the shift from living at home to school. To make the transition a little easier, CF narrowed down the best decor finds on Amazon.

From fun pillows, fuzzy throw blankets, and decorative pieces, you can come up with different color schemes or themes to base your room on. These Amazon finds are great quality, come in different patterns and  colors, and are affordable prices (not to mention they are Prime if you have it). These items also come in different sizes depending on living situations whether it be a typical dorm room or a bigger apartment. This list consists of the trendy and simple pieces for your future  bedroom, bathroom, and organization needs!

01. Wall Decor

In addition to taping up pictures of your hometown besties, it’s important to have aesthetic decor to fit your personal style. From paintings, to trendy posters, or decals, Amazon has many options to amp up the boring college living walls.

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Removable Acrylic Mirror Setting Hexagon Wall Sticker Decal Honeycomb Mirror

For wall decor or even a unique mirror, these acrylic sticker decals can be used in many different shapes and sizes. $12.

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HOSUM Art Preppy Room Decor Aesthetic Wall Art – Set of 6

Seen all over Tik Tok and other social media platforms, this wall art set is perfect for a simple room to add a pop of color! $19.

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Preppy Room Decor Posters

Like the set above, these viral colorful location posters come in a set of 6 just for $10!

02. Rugs

Whether it is a nicer apartment or a typical college freshman dorm room, a rug can always add a nice touch. These options come in different colors and sizes that are perfect for your new space! 

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Ukeler Soft Yellow Lemon Rug

This kids bath mat has been seen all over social media to add a nice touch to any room! $27.

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Smiley Face Sunflower Rug

This adorable smiley face sunflower little rug comes in many colors and sizes. $27.

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PAGISOFE Fluffy Soft Area Rug

A bit bigger than the ones above, this fluffy area rug comes in many colors and is a great price for a nice living room area rug! $30.

03. Blankets

On the bed, couch or living room, everyone loves a nice blanket to curl up with. These options are great for any room!

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Chunky Knit Throw Blanket

A little on the pricier side, this chunky throw blanket is perfect to curl up with for Netflix on the couch! $80.

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Decorative Extra Soft Fuzzy Faux Fur Throw Blanket

This super soft throw blanket comes in multiple colors and is perfect to add to any bed! $17.

04. Pillows

Now most pillows in college bedrooms end up on the floor, these options are great prices, comfy, and are simple. To add to the living room couch or tie in room colors together, these pillow sets come in so many colors!

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WLNUI Set of 2 Pink Fluffy Pillow Covers

Who doesn’t love fluffy pillows?! These are great for decorative bed pillows. $18.

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Soft Cozy Velvet Pillowcase

These velvet pillows are comfy and will never go out of style with the many color and size options. $19.

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We Wear Cute Cloud Shaped Pillow

A smaller decorative pillow, this adorable cloud pillow is soft and can match any room theme! $20

05. Organization

Organization is key when living in a small dorm room or a shared apartment. For bathroom, drawer storage, or even jewelry holders, Amazon has great buys to stay neat all year long.

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Jewelry Stand Holder Tree 4-Tier

This is the perfect jewelry stand to hold everything from bracelets to earrings to necklaces all in one place! $20.

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Decorative Tray with Polished Metal Handles

This tray is the perfect color to go with everything and can hold all your important items in style! $52.

06. Bathroom

Especially when having a small bathroom or having to share, having good small storage and having it look cute at the same time is important. Amazon has great bathroom finds to help store products and for decoration!

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360 Makeup Organizer

This spinning holder is perfect for all bathroom products and makeup all in one spot. $22.

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Bathroom Accessories Set of 4- Bamboo

These clean and neutral aesthetic bathroom holders come in a set for all bathroom needs like soap, toothbrushes, and cotton pads! They can be used for anything! $16. 

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Get Naked Bath Mat

This is a great bath mat find that matches any aesthetic or color scheme! $29.

07. Miscellaneous

On top of organization and other necessities for a college year, the random decor items are what everyone loves to find and add extra spice to every room!

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Disco Ball Mushroom

This disco ball mushroom is the perfect size and decor item for any college room. It also reflects light and leaves a beautiful pattern on a wall! $16.

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Makeup Vanity Mirror with Lights 12 Dimmable Bulbs Gold Hollywood

This mirror is perfect to do makeup and get ready instead of using the dark and bad dorm room lighting! It is also magnifying and the lights can be changed to different lighting settings. $54.

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Cereal Bowl with Metal Spoon Scented Soy Candle

Next to the bed or on a shelf, this cereal candle smells amazing and is the cutest decoration! $25.

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