STYLE GURU BIO: Allison Fern Clausius

January 4th, 2017 at 2:00am
STYLE GURU BIO: Allison Fern Clausius

Bonjour. I know my little bio says Buongiorno (because I’m in Italia), but I am a Parisian at heart. Welcome to my CollegeFashionista page! I promise, this is one you will want to follow. My tastes in fashion are unique to say the least, so I hope you enjoy the ensembles I photograph as I travel Europe and the streets of my new home, Florence.

Fashion design has been my life since I began studying two years ago at New York City’s Fashion Institute of Technology. Honestly, I do not think any other school would have been more perfect for me. This semester, I have the opportunity to study at the top fashion school in Italy: Polimoda. I have my own apartment that I share with my friend, Hunter, in one of the least touristy areas of Florence.

Obviously, fashion is important to me, since I am studying it at a university. However, I feel that I see fashion differently than most people. I see it as an art form. An ensemble is artistry, or at least it should be. Prior to the athleisure and casual wear that now dominate our wardrobes, we dressed up every day. Just a few decades ago, we cared about everything from our dresses, to matching hats, gloves and bold sunglasses. Designers like Dior and Valentino inspired us.

Fashion is an opportunity for every person to boost their confidence or try on a persona for a day. It helps us to get outside of ourselves. Now, unfortunately, we are lazy and forget the joy of dressing nicely everyday. We become concerned about comfort and not sticking out with an obtuse style.

It is okay to be different, to not buy into fast fashion trends, and to build your own style that strongly states who you are. Europe itself is a trend setter and inspiration. With my studies abroad, I will bring you the inspiration you may be lacking to dress up for the day. I want to help you develop your own style and develop your artistry with fashion.

There are three rules that I live by for fashion: No fast fashion—buy fewer, high quality pieces that will last, always accessorize—i.e. hats, head scarves, sunglasses and wear dresses and pants tight enough to show you’re a woman, but loose enough to show you are a lady (as quoted by Edith Head, costume designer extraordinaire).

Pictured, you will see me in the latest gown I designed and constructed. Perfect for an evening at the opera, symphony or a black tie event. Paired with the gown are my mother’s silk, satin, elbow length gloves. For this outfit, I kept the jewelry simple with a pair of pearl earrings. Adding a large black hat or a teased up-do with a gold comb would be the perfect way to ensure that you make a statement at your event. For a similar styled ensemble, you’ll need a dressblack shoesgloves, a bowed hat and statement earrings!