STYLE ADVICE: We've Got the Brunchies

STYLE ADVICE: We've Got the Brunchies

Brunch—the Ivy Leagues of the food categories. An amalgamation of breakfast and lunch fusing into stacks on stacks of carby-goodness accompanied by endless mimosas; what’s better than that? Couldn’t think of anything? Neither can I.

The bricolage composing downtown Raleigh’s food-scene is one of my favorite additives of going to North Carolina State University. With an eclectic mix of vintage and modern, Raleigh encompasses it’s historical architecture into hip and trendy joints bringing to you pure, good restaurants. For my friends and I, the former city newspaper headquarters, turned bar and restaurant, is our go-to for brunch, dinner and drinks.

Alike what’s on the menu for brunch—a combination of classics & radicals, one’s ensemble for the occasion composes of the same interchangeability. The rad thing about brunch is it’s abnormal; huevos rancheros or a B.L.T.? Take your pick! The rad thing about your threads for brunch, they can be just as abnormal. Whether you’re feeling an edgy leather jacket to finish off a blacked-out look or vintage denim and dainty florals, there are no rules!

Today’s look was inspired by our brunch location, Morning Times—a retro dive with a hint of 21st-century flare.

One trick for styling is to start with a statement piece that you want to focus your look around. A statement piece should be something that’s eye-catching, different and stands out, while getting across the desired look you’re going for. Today’s outfit was inspired by a denim jumper dress, nothing say’s retro more than denim. Switch up the basic jeans, and give denim a cool spin by opting for a denim style pinafore dress with a boxy silhouette and square necklace. Denim jumper’s are the perfect base piece for layering on-top of, or pairing underneath, such as we did in this look with a striped turtleneck. For an extra layer of warmth, throw on tight’s and bunched-up socks, and finish off the look with a pair of shiny, maroon Doc Martins for a pop of color. You can easily turn this cozy, retro winter brunch outfit into a look for spring or summer by swapping out the turtleneck for a light layer underneath such a mesh tee or lacy bralette and ditching the tights. Either way you chose to do it, sip those mimosas in style.