STYLE ADVICE: Thrifting Away

With fashion trends from the past constantly reappearing, there is no better way to obtain authentic, vintage pieces than thrifting. Thrift stores hold a wide range of antique treasures and, oftentimes, for a fraction of the price. Of these hidden treasures, there never seems to be a shortage of a wide variety of denim to choose from.

From fitted to flared, skinny to boyfriend, light wash to dark wash, high-waisted to low-waisted, the jean section sometimes appears to be infinite. The wide range of styles, though, allows for endless opportunities of personalization. This Fashionista revealed that she found this pair of high-waisted, button up jeans at a thrift store for a surprisingly low price. To make the piece more her own, however, she cuffed the bottom of the pant legs to get the desired capri look. Other options for exhibiting your unique style include distressing, bleaching, patching, etc.

As mentioned, fashion trends from the past seem to be recurring left and right with increased popularity. Of these trends, the denim on denim look has reemerged stronger than ever. Even celebrity fashion icons such as Gigi Hadid, Rihanna, and Selena Gomez have been spotted sporting this ensemble. This Fashionista, specifically, played off this trend and paired her recycled jeans with an oversized denim jacket—another thrift store find—and a simple white tank crop. Mirroring her jeans, the sleeves of the jacket are cuffed. Don’t be afraid to personalize any denim accessory or garment in the same way you would personalize your jeans.

For footwear, this Fashionista opted for a pair of men’s gray Timberland winter boots with untied laces. The looser look from the boots balances the larger style of the denim jacket and unifies the desired aesthetic.