STYLE ADVICE: The Sweet Bad Girl

February 15th, 2017 at 2:05am

Spotting that bad girl on campus, you usually see her in black lipstick, with a pierced nose, ripped band T-shirt, and fishnets. Then you see the good girl, usually wearing skinny jeans, a nice blouse, boho jewelry, and little pink backpack. But lately, I have noticed a new kind of girl: the sweet bad girl. She shows skin, but not too much. She has piercings and tattoos, but she also has a knack for handbags and high heels.

Fishnets are coming back as more than just Burlesque dancers and clubbing. They are seen with booties and skirts, peeking up above your pants with that elastic band hugging your stomach (even sweat pants), and my personal favorite, under denim. Large hole or traditional, black, white, pink—it doesn’t matter. Wearing a pair of fishnets under ripped denim jeans or rolling up your jeans and letting them show on your ankles with adidas sneakers or cute booties makes a killer look. It adds a little flair of sexy and mystery to a traditional “good girl” look—easily transforming your outfit from jeans and T-shirt to jeans and flirt.

This Fashionista is rocking it outside of Starbucks at Georgia State with her black fishnets showing at her ankle with skinny jeans, a crop top, a long cardigan sweater, and high heel booties. Don’t be afraid to show your sweet side with a little bit of sour like her. Fishnets have a “risky” persona, and taking risks in fashion is what keeps fashion moving forward, so let’s see your dangerous side, Fashionistas/os!