STYLE ADVICE: The Spring Aesthetic

With the spring season upon us, it is crucial to be prepared for any type of weather the day brings. Layers are especially pertinent for beating the frigid morning air while still maintaining a seamlessly fashionable transition into the afternoon heat. Although finding an outfit that can accommodate both climate extremes may seem challenging, it is surprisingly effortless. The secret is layering.

By simply pairing a sleek tank top or T-shirt with a casual cardigan or long sleeve, this look can be achieved. This gorgeous Fashionista chose a classic black tank top and an earth-toned cardigan with intricate detailing. The two pieces together not only prepare her for the different climates she will be experiencing throughout the day but also express her natural aesthetic perfectly. The tank top and cardigan pair is an exceptional way to start off any spring outfit.

To complete the look, and maintain simplicity, this Fashionista chose a dark ripped denim and rich ocher heels. The denim further demonstrates her fashion sense while the heel dresses up the look making it an ideal day to night outfit. Of course, like with any fashionable outfit, accessories are a must.

Heels are a great accessory, but these lacy heels go beyond that. These heels not only tie the outfit together but also add subtle detailing that gives the outfit just the right amount of flare. Aside from the beautifully detailed heels, this Fashionista added a stunning amethyst necklace. Her chic black tank acts as the perfect background for the rich pigment of the amethyst resulting in a subtle pop of color. Although items such as shoes and jewelry may seem like the epitome of accessories, the world of accessories is not limited. The final piece of this fashion puzzle is her strikingly unique tattoo. This tattoo expresses her aesthetic in a way that no article of clothing can making it the ideal accessory for her.

So, the next time you struggle to figure out how to accommodate the many climates of spring, remember that layers are key and accessories are always a must. Find what works for you and don’t be afraid to express your fashion sense.