STYLE ADVICE: The Palette We Forget

January 31st, 2017 at 2:00am
STYLE ADVICE: The Palette We Forget

Texture elevates clothing and fashion as a tactile dimension is added to this otherwise purely visual art form.

There are two perspectives that one can appreciate texture in fashion. As a spectator, the insertion of multiple fabrics in an outfit creates excitement. For example, this Fashionista’s outfit without the accessories is made up of only two colors: black and magenta. However, she adds depth by transitioning from a tight-fitted top to a pleated skirt, then a pair of ribbed knit tights, and lastly, a pair of suede knee-high boots. Her outfit achieves an exciting look, while still maintaining simplicity in the color selections.

We can transfer this Fashionista’s technique onto styling all black outfits. You all have days where nothing beats a pair of black jeans and a black T-shirt. Before you realize, you are walking out the front door with an all black outfit. Wearing one single color is no fashion sin, but you run a risk of looking like a monotone blob. That’s why playing with texture is so important. As you see, the Fashionista is wearing a black long sleeved top with black tights and boots. However, the sheerness of her sleeves and tights helps sketch out the silhouette of her body, which perfectly flaunts her legs and arms.

Contrasting to the sleek, monotoned, and tight first layer, the outerwear and scarf of this Fashionista are fluffy and colorful. This brings us to another role texture plays into fashion. As the clothes’ wearer, how we feel about ourselves can change quite dramatically depending on the texture of our clothing. Nothing detracts your confidence more than the muted, but nevertheless torturous itch you feel when you wear an irritating fabric. On the flip side, the soft cloud-like insides of even the simplest sweater can make your day. Therefore, if the day has beaten you down, put on a silk slip to bed, so you can be reminded of how sexy you are.