STYLE ADVICE: Plaid is Back

February 16th, 2017 at 2:00am

As we are still battling through the winter months, it is getting difficult to pull out new stops to take on street style. I think it’s interesting to pay attention to the looks the guys are able to bring out to the streets. More often than not, you can find this athletic Fashionisto rocking gray sweats, Nikes, and a basketball hoodie of any sort. Comfort often wins the battle. But for today, he sorted through his closet for this winter classic look.

Plaid has been so in and out, but he managed to make it work, although I doubt it did a good job keeping him warm. Underneath, you can see a plain white T-shirt, which I think is awesome as an add-on layer during the winter months, as well as completing the look by contrasting with the buttons on his button up, and making it look sharp. He paired up his Tommy Hilfiger button up with The North Face black vestwhich is a good piece to keep in your closet whether you are looking to dress up or down. Since I am a huge denim fan, I was very pleased to see this Fashionisto rocking jeans, and making them look great! The dark wash goes well with the other darker tones throughout his fit. As for the Timberland bootsI think we have seen a lot of them out on the streets, but what’s great is that everyone can wear them differently and do so to match their style. In this case, they are not the star of the outfit, but a piece that completes the puzzle.

A great thing about this outfit is that it is so multi-purposed. He can go from running around town and doing errands to spending the night with the guys without having to change a thing! Although I personally am the queen of three (at minimum) outfits a day, I don’t think others share my love for the hassle quite as much.

With winter months still in full force, keep doing your best at staying with the style while keeping warm!