STYLE ADVICE: Perfectly Pastel

Fashion trends are ever changing, and it can sometimes seem like an impossible task to keep up with what the next style will be. One trend that appears to be on the come-up is the use of pastels, which was a hit for men on the runways of Fashion Week spring 2017. It looks like it might be time to start dressing like your favorite ice cream and prepare for the comeback of pastels! From coral to sky blue, this look can be presented in various ways that you can incorporate into any outfit to make an impact.

This Fashionisto clearly knew a thing or two about this season’s newest fashion fad. He chose to pair dark wash jeans with a pair of dark brown shoes to create a simple, yet stylish look. The addition of a coral T-shirt offsets the dark colors from the rest of his look and creates an outfit that could be worn for almost any occasion. He was consistent when choosing accessories for this look by sticking with the color brown in both his belt and backpack to accent the rest of his ensemble.

With warmer weather approaching, pastels are the perfect way to showcase your excitement for summer. Whether you’re heading to finals or just made it to summer vacation, a simple look like this will get you where you need to go.

Remember this life saving tip: T-shirts often come in multiple colors, so if you find one you like, then buy a bunch! This outfit could be recreated by switching out the dark jeans for a pair of light and the coral tee for purple. If you have a simple, but fashionable outfit like this to base future outfits on, you’ll never have to think about what you should wear again!