April 10th, 2015 at 2:10am

As most of you may have noticed, ‘70s style is incorporated in several spring and summer collections. The collections I’ve seen bring flashbacks of my high school years, watching reruns of That ‘70s Show. The collections remind you a lot of Free People and their flower child “live free” attitude toward style. This concept of wearing loose flowing pieces with natural earth tones is not for everyone, especially the high fashion world. I’ve witnessed firsthand that in order to blend in, in NYC, you must create as many black outfit combinations as possible. But have you ever thought a creative director or a fashion intern could mix and match their uniform ensembles to channel their inner Jackie Buckhart?

I believe this Fashionista does just that. She has incorporated a flowing Free People base layer to her black ensemble and motorcycle boots. When this Fashionista was spotted, I immediately asked if her cream tank was from Free People. Online shopping at Free People has been my weakness for inspiration lately, due to the upcoming spring style change. I also observed how well this Fashionista was making the transition from dull winter to vibrant spring, utilizing a trending ‘70s piece and accessories. It is a difficult task when a new style of clothing, other than the black uniform, is trending. It calls for much inspiration from the blogs of Lauren Conrad, Nicole Richie and the Olsen twins.

Being immersed in the fashion world, black will always be in style. However, this spring I have made it my style goal to mimic the transition of this Fashionista, from winter to spring, incorporating small ‘70s pieces to my basic black wardrobe. This is a trend I hope to see more of on campus. Who knows? Maybe I will take a trip to the original ‘70s closet—my grandma’s—to see the remnants of flowing lace, fringe and natural earth tones.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Set your black ensemble free by complementing it with a delicate boho layer and natural jewelry.”