Grunge is the classic American style that’s making its way back from the ’90s! The edgy-hipster trend that originated from major rock stars (especially Cobain) and anti-conformists around the world is starting to become more noticeable in street style. It usually consists of dark colors, DIY pieces, combat boots, distressed denim, basic shirts and oversized tops. Grunge takes comfort dressing and thoughtless style to an entire new level, and I’m excited to see its return.

Back in the ’90s, people who dressed in grunge were known as the ultimate rebels of their generation, which can still be seen today. Here’s a Fashionisto who utilizes the grunge essentials to bring his streetwear to life! I was originally drawn to this look because of the way he unconsciously put it together and stood out from the crowd without trying. The black crewneck T-shirt has just the right amount of color to pop out the off-black stonewashed jeans.  The green longline jacket highlights the outfit while the green baseball cap tops off the look. The black combat boots complete his style and give that grungy edge! What’s so unique about this trend is how simple each piece is, but they somehow come together to create a bold statement.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Whether it’s a basic white T-shirt or a pair of Levi Brand Jeans you’ve had for years, the grunge trend allows you to put together a look that’s stylish with little effort. Add more simple pieces to your wardrobe, it’s bolder than what you think.”