The average college student does more than attend classes these days. Their involvement in extra curricular activities, from athletics to student government, is part of their identity when they interact with others every day. To make a good impression on those you meet, try an updated preppy style. It takes business wear to a new level by combining casual and dressy elements to create a look for your campaign and classes.

This Fashionisto and member of student government made the right decision by going for a professional yet comfortable outfit. The pieces of this outfit not only make him appear more serious about what he’s discussing, but also more responsible. Most can agree that you can’t go wrong with a suit, but it can become predictable and outdated if worn every day. Playing with different colors and textures set the ordinary apart from the extraordinary, and this Fashionisto did just that.

A cardigan styled with a pair of slacks is a great match, and in this case, it earns extra points by using non-traditional colors. Navy blue and gray are bold, yet appropriate enough for council meetings. In a sea of black suits, the look is fresh and different. Another way to avoid a dull business casual look is to use different patterns on key pieces. This Fashionisto went with polka-dotted tie instead of stripes, and the result speaks for itself. A great look can only be completed with a good shoe and this tassel loafer does the job. This Fashionisto added personality with fun printed socks peeking out of the sides. With a look that’s overall pulled together, he can afford the risk.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Understand which colors go together. Then find a style you like; find something that suits you.”