March 27th, 2015 at 2:00am

We all know there are colors that just match perfectly together like black and red, yellow and green or blue and white. Usually there’s always a dark color paired with a lighter color and vice versa. However, what about pairing dark and vibrant colors?

Lately, many students have been comparing bold yet dark hues in their wardrobe, something that can be tricky at times. Whether you have an urban style or being preppy is more your speed, it is possible to pair multiple colors without looking disarrayed. All it takes is a little effort and a lot of experimenting to get the job done.

This Fashionisto, did a wonderful job with incorporating many colors in his look without going overboard. The temperatures are still a bit chilly (even though it is now officially spring), so he decided to layer up and pair multiple colors while staying warm. He sported a vibrant striped orange and navy blue polo shirt that had an accented white collar. I thought it was nice not only in his shirt, but his entire look that he managed to use white successfully without getting color overload. Then he paired his polo with an orange parka, that included navy blue lining inside of the jacket. I loved how his shirt and jacket had the same color pairing.

Finally, he topped his outfit off with a pair of dark wash jeans, a blue polo baseball cap and white, blue and red Jordan sneakers. No Fashionisto/a should fear colors, instead they should embrace them. Color is what takes a look to the next level.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Definitely experiment with colors. Whether dark or bright, the more you experiment the more you know what colors pair well together.”