STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Oh, Those Spring Nights

Although a few months back, please try to hold back a tear or two when I remind you that men’s fashion week is long and gone. From Burberry Prorsum’s spin on the preppy-hipster, to Prada’s silky, tailored suits, menswear on the runway for fall 2015 was definitely one for the books—how could one forget? Alas, do not fear that men’s fashion be limited only to the musical runway of Dior Homme; fashionable male figures are everywhere, especially on our very own campus. Fashionistos can be seen strutting (perhaps not a model-worthy strut, rather just plain walking) to class.

Today’s Fashionisto goes above and beyond the normal college male’s everyday fashion. With his signature L.L.Bean boots, Brooks Brothers Red Fleece pants, a Gant Rugger shirt with a Brooks Brothers sweater and a Barbour coat, can you say college prepster meets Burberry runway? While the weather might be turning warmer and some of our fellow students resort to Chubbies shorts, nothing says classy more than spring wear perfectly layered.

Soon, perhaps even now depending on where you live, Sperry Top-Siders will replace L.L. Bean boots and sleeveless attire will take the place of jackets. For the colder spring nights, this Fashionisto’s look is perfect for late night events when the weather is still nippy.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “In my younger and more vulnerable years, I sought attention from people through my clothes. I would often combine things that might look great independently but were perhaps overbearing together. These ensembles were often great conversation starters but probably not much more than that. I have come to realize, however, and would also suggest that classics pieces offer much more in the way of cohesiveness and sophistication.”