Hi, spring! Thank goodness you’re here. Please never leave us again. Spring in New York is really special. We have four distinct seasons. Due to this, we not only welcome warmer weather when it arrives, but kiss the ground and beg it to stay a while (hence the above comment). For a fashion guru like myself, I’m often in a gaga-like state, not only over the season, but over the Fashionistas/os repping the new weather on campus.

I spotted this Fashionisto walking toward campus in his bright (very spring-esque) colors. I love this look because even though it is clearly embracing the season in its color choice, it is still masculine, even bordering grunge.

This Fashionisto’s choice of mixing a tie-dye shirt with a multicolor camouflage jacket was bold. From first glance, I thought it would clash. However, the subtle tones in the shirt and the bolder tones in the jacket complement each other perfectly. I like mixing and matching because you do not have to make a grand statement, yet it is not another jeans and a T-shirt look.

A camouflage jacket like this Fashionisto is wearing is ideal for spring weather. I like to consider spring the transitional season. We go from heavy layers to light layers, black to color and solids to patterns. This jacket is the perfect transitional piece for layering. It is lightweight, but often has warm paneling on the inside. I would also buy the jacket in a size where it is less snug like this Fashionisto, so you have room to play around with it.

Spring is here and it is time to celebrate. Mix, match and even go camo! Hang those heavy layers up for good and take the camo and the tie-dye back out from where it was hiding. Throw on a pair of fabulous jeans and you are set for spring.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Just don’t let the clothes make you. That’s all.”